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Wholesale Clothing

Wholesale Clothing Radiant Uniform office is well established in Dubai, UAE. UAE is considered to be the hub for the cluster covering Middle East & North Africa. Dubai covers 60% of the world in less than 6 hours of travel distance. India and China itself represents half the humanity on earth. Given this strategic presence of Radiant Uniforms, it realises the importance of trading services especially wholesale of workwear and uniforms given thats the core expertise of team Radiant. Radiant team has a cumulative wealth of experience spanning over 50 years. Using our core technical skills and contacts, Radiant Uniforms actively trades wholesale clothing across the region. The procurement country and destination country depends on the deal, requirement, quality, working capital requirement and the time lag of closing the trade end to end. We identify potential lots and also assist in identifying buyers and arranging effective deal by acting as a broker. We use our knowledge and provide quality assurance and valuation of the lot and the potential of profits for the buyer. Radiant Uniforms arranges the logistics, trade finance and charges a commission that is competitive. All deals are conducted with best practices and transparent ways. The categories of wholesale clothing covers.

It doesn't get much better than the uniforms provided by radiant for the maintenance industry. We have been in the industry for quite some time now and realize completely the factor of providing high quality in this industry.