Work Shirts

Employees spend at least 8 hours a day at work. Besides weekends and holidays, we're talking about at least 1/3 of their day, each and every day! That's a huge amount of time during which they need to interact with colleagues, customers and bosses and make a favorable impression at all times. Regardless of their specific jobs or workplace, your employees need to look good and feel comfortable. They need to possess and use a high quality wardrobe of neatly-pressed and practical shirts that make a good impression and are a fabulous value for money. They need RadiantUniform!

Radiant -Your Private Work Wear Designer

Radiant is a leading Middle East supplier of work wear apparel and high class corporate wear. Commitment to quality, durability and comfort, our shirts have superb collars, tightly sewn buttons, hand sewn cuffs and are made of premium cotton fabrics. Radiant's work shirts, blazers in bulk and customized designs are renowned all over the Middle East countries. From specialized manufacture and service personnel, to top notch head departments and CEOs, people in almost every industry and market wear our quality shirts with pride and confidence. Join them now! Don't compromise on quality and don't settle for cheap work shirts. The way your employees dress at work can have a very strong impact on how people perceive your company, its performance and its competence. Browse our extensive work shirts collections for further information and specifications, and contact us to speak with one of our senior representatives about your specific needs.

Mens Formal Oxford Shirt


mens Linen Shirt


Mens Work Shirt - 2 chest pockets with flap


Mens Work Shirt - 2 chest pockets with flap


Mens Work Shirt - 2 chest pockets with flap


Security Shirt


Hiviz - 2 tone shirt - Yellow/Navy