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Product Development

At Radiant Uniform, we offer product developmental services which are well renowned throughout the industry. This is solely due to our team of professionals who are all highly dedicated towards producing the most exceptional outputs.

Our Team of Highly Experienced Product Development Professionals

Our Product Development team consists of the following experts:

Trend Analysts

Our trend analysts conduct thorough research for every project and provide the most advanced fabric technology and trending styles of uniforms. Before the production phase, the overall look of the garments that are to be produced in bulk is determined by our trend analysts.

Technical Designers

We have creative technical designers who ensure that the vision of your concepts and designs are precisely converted into reality. With the right sense of creativity, firm grip on the latest fashion sense, as well as in depth computer knowledge (CAD), our technical designers make sure that the garments are manufactured within the budget while staying topnotch in terms of efficiency.

Pattern Makers

we have pattern makers that assist Customers and Designers alike by tailoring master patterns that exactly match the desired designs. These professionals have exceptional visualization skills, as well as expertise on body construction and fabrics.


We also have a tailoring/sampling team that produces samples for our customer's approval.

Cost Analysts

Our cost analyzing department takes several variables and factors into account for every order. After that, they provide the customer with the best price possible which adheres to their budget, while assuring there are no comprises on the quality of the product.

We Maintain and Assure the Highest Standards of Quality

We make sure that the right quality is maintained from the very first stage of raw material procurement. And thanks to the continuous efforts of our dedicated team and stable management, we are able to maintain the same standards at all of our production facilities. Our product development team is trained, educated, and experienced to meet as well as exceed the standards of quality defined by our esteemed customers.

We take great pride in the garments that we produce as quality is the core strength of our production line!