Flame resistant workwear, FR shirts & coveralls

Flame Resistant (FR) Clothing is a critical safety component for employees working in industries with a risk of being exposed to excessive heat and fire. In such environments protective clothing is essential and saves lives! But not any protective apparel is really protective and not every FR wear will save lives in case of emergency. To make sure that your employees are totally protected and that you are not taking any risks, you need to use high quality clothing produced by specialized and experienced manufacturers. You need to protect your dedicated employees with proven equipment and eliminate any potential risk. You need Radiant-uniform's products!

Radiant-uniform - Protecting Your Workers At Any Heat

Renowned as an undisputed market leader, Radiant Uniforms manufactures high quality customizable flame resistant canvas bib Overalls and Coveralls, protecting employees who work in various risky environments. We offer a wide range of designs, matching the most rigorous and demanding safety precautions: zipped up or fastened in the front, with or without buttons, with snaps or velcro, and so on. Over the past years we have supplied companies all over the world with top safe working apparel for both men and women. Contact Radiant Uniforms now, and one of our specialized experts will be happy to show you how we can protect your employees while enabling them to perform their jobs in full comfort.

FR Radiant-Coverall with Reflective Trim


Easy customization


FR Standard Single Piece Coverall- Overall


Hiviz FR Coverall with Reflective Trim


FR 2 Tone 2 PC Coverall