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Digital Heat Press

While some of the other garment manufacturers are still making use of old heat press technologies which require more time and more effort to produce patterns and image printing, we at Radiant Uniforms have incorporated the most advanced systems of heat press into our services.

Digital heat press is a semi-automatic technology which enables us to have a manual process for closing along with an opening which is automatic. Thanks to this state of the art system, we have precision and control of pressure and heat levels which makes sure each and every part of the designing process is timed just right.

Which Aspects of Garment Designing Does Digital Heat Press Cover?

Our high performing, latest digital heat press machinery is well capable of providing the following unique outputs:

High Quality Delivered:

Multicolor Image Printing: Multicolor image printing enables us to print more than one image on the garments. If a company needs to have multiple logos printed on their uniforms, we are the first in line to provide them just that!

It doesn't get much better than the uniforms provided by radiant for the maintenance industry. We have been in the industry for quite some time now and realize completely the factor of providing high quality in this industry.

Exceptional Standards:

The best thing about Radiant is that they know exactly what it takes to provide adequate uniform services in the industry today. We understand the job of a maintenance worker, which is why we ensure that our uniforms and workwear apparels are the best in the industry and can provide businesses with state of the art workwear in order to ensure that the workers are always looking and feeling their best. Maintenance jobs can be just about anything, and may include cleaning windows or cleaning or washing the carpets. We at Radiat are known because of the exceptional standards we provide in all of our services that are related to the maintenance industry.